Kwande Capital is a diversified company that invests in small to medium size companies with strong market shares and predictable cash flows.

Our investment parameters are:

Geographic Scope

Primarily in South Africa, with possibility of investing in other SADC countries


Energy, infrastructure and resources

Main focus 

Mid-market companies with growth potential

Key Characteristics

Predictable cash flows, strong management teams, operational improvements and expansion, and clear path to exit


Control /lead investor, influential minority

Target Equity Size

R30 to R100 million in each portfolio company

Investment Horizon 

Longterm, >5 years

Our approach to investments is driven by three key themes that drive growth in South Africa and other SADC countries:

Energy investment

  • • Oil & Gas
  • • Petroleum trading
  • • Fuel and gas distribution and logistics
  • • Basic energy supply

Infrastructure investment

  • • Construction Supplies
  • • Industrial manufacturing
  • • Industrial services
  • • Mining services

Demand for resources

  • • Commodity trading and logistics
  • • Coal, base metals and manganese   assets