KWANDE is a young, dynamic and fast-growing group with primary focus in the energy sector. With our origins in consulting to the oil sector we supply and market petroleum products to a large client base in Southern Africa. Leveraging our deep industry insights we are building a portfolio of assets in the energy and related sectors. At the centre of our growth and success is our dedication to our core values of impeccable ethics; teamwork; collaborative partnerships; accountability; excellence and innovation.

To become a leading integrated energy company in Southern Africa.
is to bring about a positive change in the transformation of the South African economy through the employment of our intellectual capital, skills and expertise.
Our Value

As we grow, we will stay true to the qualities that are found in young companies - dynamism, flexibility, agility, responsiveness and innovation.

Our reputation is everything and we want our partners, customers and everyone we interact with to recognise us on merit.

We achieve this by maintaining impeccable ethics and being honest on what we can do.


All our businesses are structured and operated in a manner that seeks a realisation of our broad based black economic empowerment objectives.

Ownership, Management & Control
All Kwande companies are 100% black owned and managed. Women ownership is up to 50%.

Employment Equity
We pride ourselves in our commitment to employment equity. Black women constitute two thirds of our employees.

Skills Development
We strongly believe in developing skills of our employees including our partners. We have a vibrant culture of learning and substantial resources are channeled to this cause.

Preferential Procurement
We believe that true empowerment will happen when empowerment entities do business with each other. More than 60% of goods and services are procured from BEE companies.

Socio-Economic Development
We always seek to create avenues to contribute towards the socio-economic fabric of our society. We have established a Foundation that focuses on training and skilling young people from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in various aspects of the energy sector.